Services Offered

Plan It! Planners understand that a successful meeting or membership management service requires a great deal of expertise and effort.  The responsibilities involved must be handled by an experienced certified professional and all aspects must be carefully coordinated and delivered successfully.  The quality of management is clearly reflected in the quality of results.

Our expertise is one key factor in the success of our programs we develop for sales and management meetings, products launches, themed environments, and customer marketing events.  The other key factor in the success of our programs is our holistic approach to project management.  By taking a holistic rather than transaction-based approach, Plan It! Planners provides a full range of services from which to choose:

  • Program Development
  • Negotiations and Purchasing
  • Lodging / Transportation
  • Membership Recruitment / Retention / Rewards
  • Program / Project Website Design
  • Reservations / Registration
  • Production / Entertainment
  • Speaker Management
  • Exhibition Solicitation / Management
  • Event Marketing
  • Sponsorship Development / Solicitation
  • Data Management
  • On-Site Services (Logistics, Technical, Audio Visual)
  • Final Reconciliation / Billing
  • Evaluation and Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis

When Plan It! Planners works with clients to create a program or project, they also take responsibility for implementation.  Every detail is handled, leaving you free to focus on your business objectives.  Our expert implementation ensures your success.  The quality of our managemeent is proven by the results.  These include everything from meetings and memberships to global comunications programs, such as satellite broadcasts and client marketing efforts. 

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